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Letter from our Director

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Dear Prospective Family,

Circle of Friends Preschool is a faith-based, non-denominational, early childhood education program. We are a mission outreach program of Columbia Presbyterian Church. For the past 59 years, Columbia Presbyterian has supported a preschool program in its building. In 1995, the church acquired the former Ladybug preschool and Circle of Friends Preschool came into being.

Our goal at Circle of Friends is to equip each child with a basic foundation in the faith, helping them to experience the love of God through example, as well as encouraging them to develop good morals and character. Daily activities mimic a smaller scale routine similar to those they will experience once they leave the comfort of this program and move forward into their formal school setting. The age appropriate curriculum designed to meet the needs of all aspects of development in a young child: academics, music, literature, gross motor, fine motor, creativity, socialization, and including an introduction to basic signing. This is a somewhat structured program with opportunities for freedom of choices made throughout the day

In addition to introduction to basic academic; letter recognition, shapes, colors and number, basic sight words and letter writing, we are a theme-based center. The children will also learn about various topics and the world around them. The activities during the day are deemed age-appropriate, taking into consideration brain development, attention levels, and maturity expectations.

COVID adjustments:
We have made several adjustments based on the CDC regulations so that we could open our doors. Each family receives a copy of our COVID policies and procedures and must sign and return the final page stating that they have read and understand all of the effort being put forth to make this a safe and healthy environment for our little friends. Please click on our COVID policies found on the home page for details.

Circle of Friends Preschool is a truly loving and nurturing environment with a wonderful staff of Christian women. Our goal is to help God’s little gifts to grow and mature while providing a caring and supportive place for all of our parents.

Sharon Wallenborn
Circle of Friends, Preschool Director

Revised: 17-July-2021